Portion Control Plate

I forgot to mention the yesterday about the serving size plate. It was brought up at the TDC meeting. It was desgned for diabetics but it would help anyone with portion control.

 You can purchase the portion control plate off of the American Diabetes Associtation online store. If you would use this for a while you would get used to the approximate size of correct portions. That is a problem that most people have. Ok.. I had 1 helping of meat.. yes but it was 12 ounces.. It should be 4 to 5.. I know what you are thinking I could just pile it on and fit that 12 oz steak on top of the compartments.. That is why there is a lid.. No you cannot carry around 5 of them.

While seaching for a picture of the plate (I googled it instead of going to the ADA website) I found an interesting blog about Scott Johnson with Type 1 diabetes. This is the one that used to be called Juvenille Diabetes.

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