Date Night..


Kim and I actually went out just the two of us.. It has been 4 or 5 months since the last time. My parents wanted to have Morgan over. Our big night ended up with us going out to dinner to my favorite (non-healthy) restaurant Famous Daves. I did pretty good. I had only half of the Cajun chicken sandwich and saved the other half for tomorrow. I did eat all the fries.  We went and walked around the mall after that.. Boy did we feel out of place. We felt like we were 65 years old. We needed to get something to drink, so we wandered over to the food court. It is amazing to see how unhealthy people eat. There was a guy there that devourded 3 or 4 chocolate chip cookies with frosting. You know the ones that about 200 calories a peice (not including the frosting). But a few years ago it would have been me sitting there and someone noticing what I was eating.. We were going ot go out to a bar that our neighbor owns but that didn't happen. We went back home and watched a movie..

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