Halloween Costume

I had to go out and buy a costume for the Ghost March that we will be putting on in a couple of weeks.. I was hoping to be a behind the scenes sort of guy but I was told everyone needs to wear a costume.. So I might as well get over it and have fun with it.. I bought a rubber skeleton mask that the eyes glow red and then fade off. It was difficult to see when it was red and it was dark so I will only use that  when I do not have to see anything.. I bought skeleton hands also. They wanted 40 dollars for a black robe. I have a black jacket that does not fit me anymore, it is a 3XL and I was a Large. We are going to shred parts of the jacket and a pair of old black jeans for the rest of the costume. Morgan said she was not scared of it. I snuck it to the bathroom right after she was done taking a shower. She jumped about 6 inches off the ground.. She finally said that it was scary but if she didn't know it was me she would be screaming at the top of her lungs.

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