Saturday at Camp Cheerful

Got up early this morning and went and picked up our bicycles from home.. I emailed everyone and said we would bring them if other people were going to bring them. No one responded. So at 6:15am I was back at the house with the bicycles up on top.. I asked Morgan last night which ones we should bring the tandem or singles.. She said both.. I thought what a pain in the butt. So I got back at camp, unloaded the bikes and woke up Dean so we can get theirs also.. We got back and it was breakfast time. Right after breakfast we had horse back riding for the girls. This took us over a half an hour so we missed the canoeing. We told the girls that it was all about choices, that they wanted to go bicycling when the other girls were riding horses.. We hung around the cabin until it was time to biking.. It was a short ride with a total of 6 miles. They provided lunch at the turn around point. Morgan and I rode our singles. I wish we would have ridden the tandem though. It was pretty windy and she was going really slow.. But she did it by her self so I am very proud of her. Out of the 9 daughters in the Mighty Mustangs Morgan is one of the few that can ride a bicycle without training wheels.. She was doing this last year but that is do to me loving bicycling. Dean and I was trying to teach Leah how to ride with out training wheels. I told them about a video that teaches children to ride. They say it is bad to have training wheels. I agree now that I saw how hard it was to teach her. I know if I had to do it over again I would have bought a small bicycle when she was 3 or 4 to get her to balance.. Some even use what is called a push bike. There are no pedals you sit on it and use your feet on the ground.. It is a very good way to teach balance..

Back to the campout.. We got back after the bike ride. Morgan was still upset about not going canoeing so I went and asked if they had any opening. They said right now. I asked what about later. They said right now.. So off we went, we were the only ones on the lake.. Morgan didn't think I knew how to canoe but about 10 years ago I did a 5 day canoeing trip with some friends. After canoeing we went back to camp and Morgan made a krazy kraft while waiting for the rockets to be brought to Camp. The girls picked 1 item from 5 different boxes with all different shapes and had to make something out of it and then decorate it. So the rockets arrived and Morgan and I made one. Ok, I made the rocket and Morgan and the other girls played outside. Morgan really liked shooting off the rocket. They went about 400 feet in the air. We cooked hotdogs, Hamburgers, Chicken paddies for dinner. The Torch parade and council fire are always a blast. The girls went to sleep at about 11:00. I went to sleep at 1:00

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