Adventure Princess Campout

Today was the 1st day for us camping at Camp Cheerful. I picked Morgan up and we meet some of our outpost (Http:// ) at the Mad Cactus for dinner. They have a great Mexican food.. Morgan had Mac & cheese triangles which look like chicken nuggets. I am sure that they were not healthy but that would be the theme for the weekend..So we went to Camp and signed in.When we got to the cabin, we noticed that the rails in the top bunks were not installed.. This was not good because the girls would be sleeping up there, it was over a five foot drop. After about 20 minutes we figured out how to put them on.. There was a window that was not in and others were open. This would make it a very chilly night since it went down into the 30's. The cabin had a couple of space heaters and that was it.. I am very glad that we bought new sleeping bags. Works to 20 degrees.. We went to the mess hall where there was a dance while waiting to get to be called for the ghost march.. That was a lot of fun.. The girls (ages 7 - 8) thought it was scary. I was very proud of Morgan for going thru the whole thing. Some of the girls didn't. We had another outpost join our march and they only went to 3 of them. There was 7 all together. After the ghost march we went back to the cabin and the girls played for a while. We ( Most of the Dads) were up to about 2:00 in the morning..

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