2019 GOALS

Here are my SMART ++ GOALS for 2019.

GOALS which stands for 

Grow what matters

One Step

At a time

Little by little, your

Steps will add up.. 

Feel healthy and energized in doing so. I am going to lose 30 lbs. by the end of 2019. Going to the gym and weight training on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Cardio on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Reducing my daily calorie intake by 500 calories because I want to look better. (20190101)

By making arrangements in the first week of the month, I am going to see my friends or family at least once a month in 2019. Enjoying the time spent together so I do not lose touch with people that matter to me.. (20190101)

Run 10K

Cycling towpath

Reminders, Due, Todoist or OmniFocus

What app(s) do you use to remind you getting your things done?  I have had OmniFocus the longest and it is great for projects with a lot of steps. I use due for things that are due at specific times and it has a great feature to keep reminding you by vibrating your phone every five minutes. You can easily snooze something and change the time date it us due. I  used Todoist for a while but went back to Omnifocus for the flexibility of longer projects. Omnifocus will use location services to help decide what needs to be done at the right place. The real goal is to get the stuff out of your head and down somewhere. 


Spoiler Warning

How long after a movie or show comes out are you allowed to post it online? Should it be during it? What about right afterwards? What about waiting until the next day so people that are on the other side of the country can watch it with out being spoiled? You can wait a week until people have a chance to check up over the weekend? Maybe until it comes out on DVD or online rental\buying? What about waiting until it comes out on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu? What about waiting until my child is old enough to see it with no spoilers? I think that it should be a week. If you are going to post spoilers than it should not be in the title of the post and with a spoiler warning. After one week all bets are off. We cannot wait until everyone has seen it to have a social discussion.  Anyone want to discuss?

Workflow IOS App

An app that I use multiple times a day is an app called Workflow. It is an app that allows you to grab different workflow items and chain them together. To get you started they have some prebuilt workflows to show you the possibilities. The Gallery has Sharing, Great Action Extensions, Clipboard, and Today Widgets workflows.  It just makes doing something on your iPhone easier. There are over 200 actions to help you get things done. Lets say you want to take a web page and save it as a pdf and then save to Evernote. That would be very difficult to do without this app, now I just go to safari and use the extension to run my workflow. I have a workflow that will list our all the Beachbody DVD's I have. It will then get the minutes for that workout and add it to the IOS health app. Then it will get the number of weeks since the start and the day of the week. It will take all that information and either tweet it out or post it to my site. This is the best $4.99 you can spend.

Time Travel

I was listening to a podcast today and they were talking about time travel. They asked people from 11 years old to senior citizens. It was pretty interesting what people would answer to the questions would you want to time travel and where would you want to go.. So here are my five on Friday. 

1. I would love to go back in time to when my parents were young to get to know them at that time.

2. I would go back in time and tell myself at age eleven that I should stay active and not get out of shape. 

3. I would go back to myself at age twenty and tell myself that I should put money away each pay for the future. 

4. I would go to the future to see the next three Star Wars Movies. 

5. I would not go back and really try to change history. Read the book 11-22-63 and you will understand.  

Automatic Car App & Adapter

I have had an Automatic car adapter for well over a year. It plugs in to the OBDII port in your car. It will tell you your gas mileage, driving distance, where you parked, hard brakes, fast accelerations, going over 70 mph. It gamifies your driving. It can also hook up to If This Than That workflow to do things like log all of your business trips into a spread sheet or notify someone when you arrive a specific location. So far this week my score is 100. I have gone 85.5 miles with a MPG of 25.6 on my Chrysler Sebring. It is nice because you can have one on your newly licensed teenage driver and talk to them about their driving. They just started to send an email letting you know how you did the previous month.