Workout #71-08 Day 103

Tada.. I did another one.. It was the P90X Series: Core Synergistics
Stacked foot/Staggered Hands pushup,
BananaRoll-Start ,
Leaning Crescent Lunges-Lunge,
Squat run-Squat position,
Sphinx Pushups,Bow to Boat,
Plank to Chatarunga run,
Walking Pushups,
Low lateral skaters,
Reach High and Under Pushups,
Prison Cell Pushup I did not like the name of this one,
Squat X,
Steam Engine.
Then The Dreya Roll that is where I was done.. I didn’t even try that one. I should have just did the last part of it..

Workout Updates

I have 59 workouts this year out of 92 days that is 65% of the days..
Not great but I have been definitely doing better at either getting to
the gym or at least doing some sort of workout. I got my bicycle out on
Saturday and did 16 miles. It was very cold, the bright sun was
deceiving.. I was almost in an accident... I am not sure who's fault it
would be... Mine or the deer.. Yes I said DEER.. I was on the
multipurpose path (no, not called bicycle path) I was looking in my
mirror on my helmet seeing if the child behind me was going to take down
her mom by pulling on her. I was looking for about 5 seconds.. I looked
up and 5 feet in front of me and just crossed over the path was a huge
deer.. If I was watching I would have been scared out of my mind.. I
wonder if the deer had insurance?

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The pain..

I have been stepping it up with my workouts lately.. I did a P90X
Polymetrics on Saturday with Morgan and my hamstrings are killing me.
There were about a billion lunges.. Ok maybe not a billion but I sure it
was a million.. I only have 18 days until my first scheduled bicycle
ride. I am planning on taking my mountain bike.

Saturday, 4/12. THINK SPRING. Cuyahoga Valley National Park. A free tour
with three rolling routes from which to choose: 15-mile trail ride or
25/35-mile road ride through the park. Hot soup and chili provided,
participants bring dish to share. Akron Bicycle Club; 2285 White Marsh
Dr.; Twinsburg, OH 44087. (216) 337-1051.

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Bag of Bones

This is my current Audio book, it is by Stephen King. It has 20 CD's. I am almost half way through. I think I listened to part of the abridged version before. I am enjoying this book. It is about a writer that his wife has died and now he has writer's block. It has been 4 years since her death and he has gone back to their cabin to figure out what he is going to to do now that he has ran out of novels that he had stored away to be published.. 

Bag of Bones
Stephen King

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August 7th Workout #172 Day #219

I was able to made it to the gym this evening. I didn't go walking at lunch
because of the heavy rain. Kim asked me to go and check on Bailey the dog..
He was fine. There was no water by him in the basement. We did have a little
come in but nothing got wet except a rug.. Here is a picture of the Sam's
club parking lot.. So at the gym I did 25 minutes on the Arc Trainer, 20
minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on a treadmill that is a cross
between a treadmill and a stepper..

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Behind again on my post..

23rd. Arc trainer
24th Nautilus & Arc trainer
Walk at Lunch
25th Arc trainer
26th Nautilus & Arc Finished Harry Potter.. Wonderful Book
27th Arc & Treadmill Morgan Finished Harry Potter.. She loved it and is
reading it again..
28th Arc & Nautilus almost finished the database that I am working on for
the AP.
29th. Science Center & Rock Hall for Linner (Lunch/Dinner)
30th Nautilus & Treadmill. Went in the evening
31st rode this morning 14 miles
Walked at lunch 4000 steps..

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