January 2009 Review

What a great month. I am back on a schedule of working out.. I had 37 workouts in January. That was great. I know some may thing that walking at lunch should not count but I am getting around 6000 steps at lunch. So how are you doing on your resolutions this year? I am well on my way. Last year I hit my 43 workout in March..

This Monday we are starting the Shape up and go at work. I am the team captain of Elliptically Challenged. We are tracking our steps and amount of exercise. We have over 3400 employees that are doing the challenge. Do you want to play along at home? For the next 12 weeks monitor your steps for the day. Put on a pedometer in the morning and wear it all day.. Even on your elliptical trainer. I continue to post my steps each week. My goal is 350,000 steps for February. Add up the hours of exercise each day such as walking briskly, on an elliptical trainer, a spin class, nautilus and etc..

March 25th. Work out #067-07 85th Day of the year

Went cycling today. I did 15 miles on my mountain bike. I did part of the canal tow path. I had a great time. I went over both of the new bridges. I started at the canal visitor center and turned back around at Harvard Avenue. I need to take my camera or upgrade my phone. I wanted to take pictures of all the turtles that were sunning themselves. I ended up with 8,630 steps.


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February 25th Workout #047-07

We went to the gym to day.. Kim, Morgan and myself. Morgan did jump roping, playing with the sit up balls and other things with Kim while I worked out. Then Morgan and I did sit-ups and other abdominal items. I showed her the versa climber, she was a little to short to reach the handles. We then went up to the track. We would walk one then run one.. She is doing a lot better then last year. I hope she continues to want to go to the gym to exercise.  I had 7,397 steps for the day. I wanted to go for a walk this evening but didn't get a chance to do that. Today was the 56th day of the year that means I have only missed the 9 workouts..(kind of).. I do get the opportunity to make then up by doing more then one in a day..

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My Rant.. Weight Loss Secret..

Everyday I see on TV or hear on the radio some new weight loss secret.. Last
night it was people taking some pill that is meant for horses and it is
causing them to loss weight.. So I have search far and wide for the secret..
Are you ready? Are you sure you can handle this.. Now I know I should not be
telling you the secret because it took me a lot of searching to find it but
I figure since it is just between you and me it will be alright.. So here it
goes. Come a little closer.. Closer.. a little more. Here is the secret.
Burn more calories then you consume.. Did you get that? I will say it
again.. Burn more calories then you consume.. How do you do that?

First.. Exercise.. I don't mean that you have to join a gym, run 20 miles a
day, do sit-ups for 2 hours.. All you have to do is something more to start
off with than you did yesterday. So you don't walk very much.. Take 1/2 hour
to do a brisk walk a day.. Buy a pedometer and see how many steps you take a
day and increase that number. That is the first step. Doing some sort of
exercise.. Did you know that muscles burn more calories then fat.. So if
you start building muscles through exercising you will burn calories when
you are not exercising..

Second.. consume less calories.. I am not saying that you have to go to a
700 calorie diet.. Just smaller portions to start off with.. Late night
snacking instead of going for the chips go for the carrots.. OK.. you say
you still want the chips. Put a few in a bowl and that is what you can
have.. You should NEVER eat out of the bag.. You should never pick at food..
Because you don't really see how much you are eating.. Eat more smaller
meals so you will not feel hungry.

Third... Set goals.. Not lofty goals like I want to lose weight. I want to
be in better health.. Put a number next to it.. I want to lose 10 pounds..
Now put a date next to it.. I want to lose 10 pound in a month. I want to be
able to run a mile with out dying. Set small goals you can achieve and
longer goals that will keep you motivated..
So stay away from the horse pills, diet pills and any quick fix. It is not
going to easy or quick.. But how long did it take you to gain the weight.
You did not wake up this morning 20 pounds heavier then you were yesterday.
You will not wake up 20 pounds lighter tomorrow..

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