Omni fitness

I got up this morning wanting to go to the gym. I have not been to the gym before work in about five months. So it was four am and I sent out a couple emails, surfed a little. Then it was almost five and I was making every excuse not to go... Let's see not enough time, don't feel like it and etc.. So I got up and went, I worked out on the arc trainer then the nautilus machines. I was way early I will get to work about an hour early..

March 11th. Workout #058-07

Went to the gym this afternoon. I did 15 minutes on the Arc trainer and then my nautilus machines. I then had to drive to Auburn Hills Michigan for work. I will be there all week. I am really excited to be learning the software but I really didn't want to go for the week.. But you have to do what you have too..  6,312 steps

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February 21th Workout #043-07

I went to the gym this morning.. Kind of.. I drove to the gym. Got out of my car went to the back to grab my bag.. I really didn't feel like going in so I then got back in my car and drove to work.. I did make it this evening and did the Arc Trainer and the Nautilus machines. I have lost 10 pounds.. 13,321 steps for the day

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February 19th Workout #041-07

I went the to the gym this evening. I did 10 minutes on the Eliptical Trainer. Then the Nautilus Machines. Went and did 5 minutes on the versa climber and did 700 feet.. I cannot belive there are guys at the gym that can do 1700 - 2100 feet in 10 minutes.. I have a lot of work to do to get on that list.. Steps for the day 8,912


I finished listening (SimplyAudioBooks) to Lance Armstrong's It's not about the bike.. It is very motivating. If he can do what he does after cancer, I can get off my butt and get to the gym.

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January 14th Workout # 012-07

I made it to the gym today late this evening. I did cardio and nautilus. I started doing 3 sets of 10. I am very sore.

I tried a new machine at Omni. It was the Stairmaster PT 4000. It kicked my butt.. I did 20 minutes on it.


StairMaster 4000PT


We had the induction ceremony for the Adventure Princesses today. I spent about 4 hours this morning gluing on the patches and then making Morgan's Fluff train for her headband.The "trailboss" came up to me and asked me to be a trailhand.  


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January 3rd Workout #003-07

Well I got my butt to the gym this morning. It was nautilus today. So I went and did 10 minutes on the arc trainer, all of the nautilus machines in my routine and 7 minutes on the stair climber to finish out the hour. I then sat in the steam room for a few minutes.. I really enjoy doing that after working out just to relax for a few minutes.. I have 3500 steps already this morning.. Morgan and I will probably go for a walk tonight so I can get in the 10,000 for the day..

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Workout #236-06

Well I got to the gym this morning. I did 10 minutes on the ARC Trainer to warm up and did my nautlus routine. I was not able to lift as much as I did the other day but it still counts. I talked to a guy at the gym (Omni Fitness Center) he did the Sears Tower climb on Sunday. He was 45th out of 1800 people. He said he will do it again. I am defiently going to do the climb in February here in Cleveland. All I can say is



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Workout #234-06

I went to the gym after work today.. I was pushing a lot of weight. No I am not talking about my stomach. I did 10 minutes on the ARC trainer and my Nautilus routine

Machine Starting Weight (2 reps) Today's Weight (2 Reps)
Cybex Leg Press 100 300
Nautilus Leg Extension 50 200
Inside Leg 30 190
Outside Leg 30 150
Icarian Leg Curl 40 140
Life Fitness Back Row 45 135
Life Fitness Chest Press 45 135
Life Fitness Shoulder Press 30 90
Arm Extension 20 110
Incline Bench Press 190
Lat Pull Down 190
Curl 40 114
Cybex Rotary Torso 30 40
AB Bench Pro 10 40


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