July 4th Workout #?? 185th Day of the year

Morgan and I walked in the Parade today with the Adventure Princesses. We were almost late, we had a whole 2 minutes before we stepped off. You ask how is this a workout. We walked for 1.5 hours straight.. The reason is we walked the route and then all the way back to the car. We then went over my parents house for the 4th.. Being a work day tomorrow we did not go to see any fireworks..

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April 29th Pinewood Car Race

Today we had the pinewood car race for Adventure Princess. We had a great time. We sold Popcorn to raise funds for our Outpost.. 1 bag for 50 cents or 1 jumbo container for 1.50 with free refills.. MMMMM Popcorn.. I did not make it to the gym today but I had 12,270 steps fro the day..

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January 21th Workout #017-07

Bowling.. We had the bowling event with the Adventure Princesses.. We were working the second half but I was asked to show up early in case they needed help with setup.. I was there a few minutes after 10:00.. We started bowling at 12:00. Daughters throw the 1st bal and the Dad's throw the second. We were using bumpers so we would not be allowed in the contest. WHO CARES!!! A lot of Dads do. They want to win a trophy. I feel sorry for the daughters they throw a gutter ball and the Dad picks up most of the pins on the second ball. Last year one of the daughters in our outpost wanted to throw both balls. Since we are not in the contest we didn't care. So all of our daughters did then.. This year Morgan would not even let me thow a ball.. I was already and walked to pick up a ball and Morgan was looking at me like "What the heck do you think that you are doing". I aked Morgan if I was allowed to bowl and she said "no".. So that was that. We worked the second half. I was on Food.. Hot Dogs, Chips, Napkins, Mustard, Ketchup, Plates and Onions were Dean, Kevin and my responsibility. We boiled 200 hotdogs, Stuffed the buns, Plated them. After helping clean up I was out of there at 5:00.. I did not feel like going to the gym. I got home and looked at the pedometer and it said 19,107.. NEW RULE!!! Anything over 15,000 steps is considered a work out. The average person gets a couple thousand steps a day. You are supposed to shoot for 5,000. It is great to get 10,000.. So I may be cheating on tis workout.. But I don't care..

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January 20th Workout #016-07

Stairs... My legs were very sore from the sled ridding last night. Again did
I mention how much fun we had?? I did only 4 the stairs 4 times today. We
had a meeting for the bowling tomorrow with the Adventure Princess. I
painted the basement today and now my arms are sore.. Steps for the day

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January 19th. No workout.. Kind of..

I woke up a few minutes late this morning and knew that I would be the late to the spin class.. I did not want to walk in late so I did not go.. Morgan and I went to an Adventure Princess event. It was SLED FEST!! We were there for 2 hours of fast sledding.. The sled we have is a Wham-O Tech Flyer and it is very fast. The first couple of times we went down the hill we hit a ramp that was built we were at couple of feet off of the ground. My knees are now bruised from that.. I had 14,701 steps for the day.

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January 14th Workout # 012-07

I made it to the gym today late this evening. I did cardio and nautilus. I started doing 3 sets of 10. I am very sore.

I tried a new machine at Omni. It was the Stairmaster PT 4000. It kicked my butt.. I did 20 minutes on it.


StairMaster 4000PT


We had the induction ceremony for the Adventure Princesses today. I spent about 4 hours this morning gluing on the patches and then making Morgan's Fluff train for her headband.The "trailboss" came up to me and asked me to be a trailhand.  


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didn't workout

I didn't work out this morning. I am hoping to get there tonight.. If not that will be 2 days in a row. I went out last night with some of the Dads from our Outpost (Mustangs) of the Adventure Princesses (AP). Http://www.MightyMustangs.org . We are getting ready for our campout in October. It will be a lot of fun. Horse back ridding (for the girls), council fire, ghost march, using the bike and hike trail, crafts but the best is just dads and daughters spending time together.

This month has been very busy.. I have done recruiting for the YMCA Adventure programs, once during an open house at a elementary school and 2 times at the rallies. I have had a Tour De Cure meeting (TDC) for 2007, sent out emails to past participants. Found out that the web site was not active yet so I had to send an updated email out..
Items coming up within the next month and a half. 

I am now starting to advise a new outpost that is joining the AP programs. I also have to start letting people know that I am trying for an officer position for the Sun Territory of AP.. We have the Car Rally for AP. The campout and then we have to do the put on a scary skit for another campout's ghost march. A breakfast meeting in October for TDC. The overnight for AP where we go to a Rec center and stay up all night watching movies, swimming, crafts and eating.. Last year I kicked Morgan and I out at 2:30 am.. This year I will let us stay all night if she wants..

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