C25K Week 5 Workout 2

I did not get my run in over the weekend so I was forced to do it on the treadmill this morning. It was a five minute walk (warmup) then run for eight, walk for five and run for eight. I cut off one minute of the middle five minute walk and added it to the eight minute run. I had no problem doing the nine minute run. I messed up by not pressing the start button on my watch so it shows that I was on the treadmill but the minutes are not showing.

Fitline for Fitbit

I downloaded a cool IOS app today. It is called Fitline. It will connect to your Fitbit account and aggregate your data. It allows you to select any date ranges for a one time fee of $.99. It will allow you to send your data as a csv file for a fee of $.99 each time. I thought that was expensive if you do it often. You could do all previous years together then at the end of this year do it again. I have had a Fitbit since July of 2010. The pictures will show my totals for each year.