Fitbit Flex

For the past three years I have been "Walking" around with a Fitbit pedometer. I started with the "Fitbit"  then the "Ultra" and upgraded to the "One" and now the "Flex". We have had problems with the original Fitbit and the Ultra breaking  apart from the stretching it to go over a belt. Customer service was great and replaced them. We also had a few die from going swimming in the washing machine or the ocean.  The Flex is water proof up to 10 meters. Any of the pedometers are able to share your data with other services such as myfitnesspal,  Microsoft Health Vault and Endomondo just to name a few. I love being challenged by family and friends to get the most steps. The Flex and One will track your sleep. All of them will track the minutes you are active each day. I love that the Flex will give you a light show when you get 10,000 steps. You can buy different color bands while using the same flex tracker.  The Fitbit site will pull in weight from Withings and calories consumed from myfitnesspal.