Workouts for 2013

I am way behind on keeping track of the number of workouts.. So I am not going to.. What, how can that be? I am working out at least once a day.. I am doing the P90X DVDs (Previously Power 90) and I am going for walks or the gym to get my 10,000 steps. So what is the point. It really is just to get me motivated to get healthy. I have logged my food for the last 40 days.. I have lost 13 pounds since the start of the year. I need to lose another 12 pounds to get my goal for Cleveland Clinic Healthy Choice program. I have joined the enforcer program for weight. I have to email my e-coach daily with steps, food and activity. Once a week I have to include my weight and waist measurement.. I joined Dan's fit-spot on Facebook to help with any questions about P90 workouts or just to keep me motivated. I get almost daily messages from a friend asking me about my workouts, nutrition or anything else that keeps me motivated. Sometimes it does take a village..

Thanks to everyone that is keeping me engaged.