January 2009 Review

What a great month. I am back on a schedule of working out.. I had 37 workouts in January. That was great. I know some may thing that walking at lunch should not count but I am getting around 6000 steps at lunch. So how are you doing on your resolutions this year? I am well on my way. Last year I hit my 43 workout in March..

This Monday we are starting the Shape up and go at work. I am the team captain of Elliptically Challenged. We are tracking our steps and amount of exercise. We have over 3400 employees that are doing the challenge. Do you want to play along at home? For the next 12 weeks monitor your steps for the day. Put on a pedometer in the morning and wear it all day.. Even on your elliptical trainer. I continue to post my steps each week. My goal is 350,000 steps for February. Add up the hours of exercise each day such as walking briskly, on an elliptical trainer, a spin class, nautilus and etc..