Thankful Thursday - Computers.

I am thankful for computers. Well, actually my love for computers. If it was not for that I would still be working at a manufacturing plant, out on the floor, checking production parts. Just like everything in a person's life we all learn from every job we had. Even it is to find out what we don't like or how not to treat people, every job is a good experience. I am coming up on 45 days at my new job. I cannot believe that, Plastech seems like ages ago. I am so thankful that I love my job, not everyone can say that. I look forward to going in to work, thinking the best way to design something. Right now I am working mainly with Microsoft SQL 2005 & SQL Server Integration Services 2005. I love learning new things no matter what application. I just learned that in EXCEL you can do more then one condition for an "IF" Statement. I have used nested statements in the past IF(condition, true,false) so it would be if(condition,(If(Condition,true,false),false)) but you can do and/or/not so it would be IF(and(Condition,Condition,Condition),true,false)