Workout #78-08 Day 112

Here is the routine for P90X Back & Biceps. I should start writing down the numbers I am doing.. I can hear Tony Horton yelling at me now.. What do you mean you are not writing it down. How do you know what you have done.? How do you know if you improved?
Wide Front Pull-ups
Twenty ones
One-arm Cross-body Curls
Switch Grip Pull-ups
Elbows-out Lawnmowers
Standing Bicep Curls
One-arm Concentration Curls
Corn Cob Pull-ups
Reverse Grip Bent-over Rows
Open Arm Curls
Static Arm Curls
Towel Pull-ups
Congdon Locomotives
Crouching Cohen Curls
One Arm Corkscrew Curls
Seated Bent-over Back Flys
Curl-up/Hammer Downs
Hammer Curls
Max Rep Pull-ups
In-Out Hammer Curls
Strip Set Curls
Ab Ripper X