June 21th GOBA Layover day in Troy

Sorry about the turned photos and video.. I will fix them when I get a chance..

Morgan and I had Chris Cakes for Breakfast. The thing about this is that he flips you the pancakes. For seconds just stay seated and yell seconds and here they come flying.. It is very funny. I thought I was going to wear one but the kid caught it at the last second.. We went down town and took some cool photos.

We went to see The Fantastic Four Silver Surfer. We really enjoyed it there was only 8 of us in the theater..

I was so proud of Morgan today.. We went to a water park.. I told her she should try the water slide. She said only if I do it.. I have never been on one and really didn't want to do it.. But I said OK.. We went up there and she could not do it..We had to walk down the steps.. I kept trying to get her to do it.. I finally said OK.. I am going to do it and I will be back.. I did it and I really didn't like it.. But I can say I did it.. I finally convinced her to try it.. She did and it she came running over and told me "THAT WAS SWEET!!!". I am so glad she was able to put her fear aside.. She then ran back in line. She must have done it about 12 times. I finally told her it was the last time and that she should try the enclosed one that is faster. .She did and she thatought that was also sweet... I let her try it again..

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