June 19th Goba Layover Day..

No real bicycle riding today. We are jsut using it to get around town. We went and had breakfast at Alpha-cafe.

The History of the Alpha and its owner are steeped in rich tradition, stories, and personal narratives. The back bar was built in 1893 by Brunswick Balke Collender Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. The company built three back bars of this large size, all similar in design, but each unique in its intricate carvings and shapes. One was destroyed in a fire and the other still remains in Arizona. The Alpha’s back bar is 24 foot long and is made of hand carved white oak. The wall on the opposite side of the bar is lined with a matching 8-foot tall wainscoting with arched mirrors and the same intricate carvings. At the end of the bar sits a column supporting a leaded glass partition.

Morgan and I played their bowling machine after breakfast..

Morgan was very happy that we were able to get to a library so she can get her fix. We were there a couple of hours.. It rained while we were inside.. We wanted to see the Fantastic Four  but we are going to wait till Thursday.

We ran in to Shane and Hailey. We met them last year on GOBA.. They were on a single and a tag-a-long last year. This year they have a smokin Co-Motion tandem.. We had lunch with them at a small coffee shop. The food was really good.

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