March 5th. Workout #053-07

I weighed my self this morning and I am pretty happy with the weight loss so far. The biggest changes that I have done is to stay away from Diet Pop (No caffeine now) and Peanut butter.. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!!! I was already eating healthy. The last time I went shopping I bought the small jar of peanut butter. This keeps me out of it to make sure that Morgan will have some for her lunches.  Made it to the gym this evening to do my nautilus workout. I did 10 minutes on the Arc Trainer, Gravitron pull up machine, nautilus machines and the versa climber. I did 1,330 feet in 10 minutes. I need to get so I can do 10 minutes at my top speed. This will help me doing my stair climb at the end of the month. Steps for the day 9,307

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