February 25th Workout #047-07

We went to the gym to day.. Kim, Morgan and myself. Morgan did jump roping, playing with the sit up balls and other things with Kim while I worked out. Then Morgan and I did sit-ups and other abdominal items. I showed her the versa climber, she was a little to short to reach the handles. We then went up to the track. We would walk one then run one.. She is doing a lot better then last year. I hope she continues to want to go to the gym to exercise.  I had 7,397 steps for the day. I wanted to go for a walk this evening but didn't get a chance to do that. Today was the 56th day of the year that means I have only missed the 9 workouts..(kind of).. I do get the opportunity to make then up by doing more then one in a day..

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