January 21th Workout #017-07

Bowling.. We had the bowling event with the Adventure Princesses.. We were working the second half but I was asked to show up early in case they needed help with setup.. I was there a few minutes after 10:00.. We started bowling at 12:00. Daughters throw the 1st bal and the Dad's throw the second. We were using bumpers so we would not be allowed in the contest. WHO CARES!!! A lot of Dads do. They want to win a trophy. I feel sorry for the daughters they throw a gutter ball and the Dad picks up most of the pins on the second ball. Last year one of the daughters in our outpost wanted to throw both balls. Since we are not in the contest we didn't care. So all of our daughters did then.. This year Morgan would not even let me thow a ball.. I was already and walked to pick up a ball and Morgan was looking at me like "What the heck do you think that you are doing". I aked Morgan if I was allowed to bowl and she said "no".. So that was that. We worked the second half. I was on Food.. Hot Dogs, Chips, Napkins, Mustard, Ketchup, Plates and Onions were Dean, Kevin and my responsibility. We boiled 200 hotdogs, Stuffed the buns, Plated them. After helping clean up I was out of there at 5:00.. I did not feel like going to the gym. I got home and looked at the pedometer and it said 19,107.. NEW RULE!!! Anything over 15,000 steps is considered a work out. The average person gets a couple thousand steps a day. You are supposed to shoot for 5,000. It is great to get 10,000.. So I may be cheating on tis workout.. But I don't care..

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