Good Bye 2006

I did not reach any of my fitness goals this year. I am upset about that.. I have gained some weight back. I rode only 1100 miles (Goal 1200) and worked out only 262 times (Goal 280). Yes I was injured this year but I still should have been able to acheive each one of my goals.

I will be posting my goals for 2007 soon..






12-31-06 Walked for an hour
12-30-06 Walked for an hour
12-29-06 Spin Class
12-28-06 Cardio

12-27-06 Nautilus

12-26-06 Went to the gym after Kim got home from work.. I did

12-25-06 Worked out today after opening presents. I worked out with weights.

12-24-06 Didn't make it to the gym today.. Time just ran away.. We had family over for Christmas eve. Kim opened up her Christmas gift, it was a fir pit. We were outside using it for about 4 hours.. We had a great time.. Maybe this will be a new Tradition..

12-23-06 Worked out today at the gym. I should have done stairs today but just did cardio on the arc trainer.

12-22-06 Spin Class today. We saw a Elvis impersonator he was very good.

12-21-06 Worked out today.. I did the nautilus, elliptical and sat in the steam room for 10 minutes. My legs and arms hurt because I am not used to working out with the weights again. It is amazing how soon you loose muscle mass. If Kim does not want to go tonight I may try to get back in to do some cardio. I signed up to do the Tackle the tower.    14

12-20-06. I didn't get up early enough to get to the gym today. We made about 7 dozen Rum balls for my sister's office party in the tonight.

12-19-06 Worked out today. I got up late to do the spin class that I wanted to do. I figured I would just not go but I got up and drove to the gym. I did cardio for 50 minutes on the arc trainer and sat in the steam room for 10 minutes 13

12-18-06. Worked out with nautilus & steam room. 12

12-17-06 Went over my parents for Hanukah. We had a nice time. Went walking over to see some lights. It took an hour so I consider that a work out. 11

12-16-06 Did the stairs at Crowne Centre. I only did it 5 times. 10

12-15-06 I did the spin class. Fluffing the officers 9

12-14-06 Cardio 8

12-13-06 Nothing Mustangs Meeting

12-12-06 Cardio Jo Dee Messina 7

12-11-06 Nautilus 6

12-10-06 Christmas party AP

12-09-06 Nothing

12-08-06 Nothing Got to work early

12-07-06 cardio 5

12-06-06  Cardio 4


12-04-06 Worked out nautilus   3

12-03-06 Christmas Parade Cardio 2

12-02-06 Nothing

12-01-06 Nothing

11-30-06 1.5 hours spin class 1

11-29-06 Nothing

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