Workout 235-06

I went to the gym this morning, I was going to wait till tonightand take a spin class but I pushed myself to go this morning. I talked to MB today and she said she was not going to be instructing the class tonight. Good call on my part to get there this morning. I am really sore from my workout yesterday I did 45 minutes on the ARC trainer. I forgot to mention that I was at a party the other day and the work "Blog" was mentioned. A 24 year old guy started making fun of me because he said only "Dweebs" use blogs.. His comment was "Today I had wheat toast for breakfast". The reason I blog is that I used to update my website Http:// when I started to loose weight. I weighed 305 pounds at one time. So this blog is a lot easier to update yet still keeps me motivated to work out..




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