Sore!! What was I thinking..

Boy was I wrong today.. I thought I would get in a workout today.. My legs are killing me from doing Crown Centre yesterday. I don't remember being this sore last year. All day long I was thinking maybe later I can get to the gym.. Obviously that did not happen. The way my legs feel I am not sure about tomorrow either.

We watched the Browns game and we actually won. It did not look like that was going to happen after the 1st half. Then in the 4th quarter when Charlie Frye threw a interception in the end zone (just like he did last week), I thought it was over.. Our defense held them and the raiders made a big mistake by not going it on the 4th down. They thought their defense would hold us and it would be 3 and out.. There was a couple bad calls during the game. One was the roughing the passer against us.. The week before Frye was hammered so many times with no roughing the passer called on the other team.. Our kick returner was leveled when trying to catch the ball.. He did not signal fair catch but they are supposed to wait till he has an opportunity to catch the ball..

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