01/01/2005 WO#1 (Work Out #1)

I didn't go to the gym today for my spin class so I could do the ABCDEFGHIJ  Ride .. I rode my single bike. It started at 12:00 at the Medina Square. It was 42 degrees and sunny. The route was 3, 12 or 24 miles. I planned on doing the 12 miles. I wasn't really paying attention to the map so I decided just to follow a group of cyclist. After hitting 13 miles I realize they were doing the 24 miles so apparently so was I. . They were from the Akron Bicycling Club. They were really nice, so I think I will look into joining their club. It took 2 hours to complete this ride.. I felt good because I didn't need to go in to my smallest chain ring at all. I have ridden some of these roads before and I know that I used it in the past.. At the end of the ride my feet were a little cold but everything else was nice and warm.. If you go to the Akron Bicycling Club  you will see a picture of me with the people that I was riding with.. I am hoping to get a legit copy so I can post it..