In 2015 I will be 50.. I know.. I know.. Say it ain't so. These are not in any particular order but here is my list of 50 things that I want to do by the time that I am 50.

Now that I am over 50, I guess I will have to change this to 55 by 55 or 60 by 60..

  1. Create and maintain and grow a Bucket List. - Done & continuing to grow the list

  2. Bicycle ride entire length of Canal Towpath - Done.

  3. Run a 5K - Done 05/16/2015

  4. Read 50 books (Audible counts) - Done

  5. Work out 4 days a week for two months straight - Done

  6. Keep a food journal and write what I eat everyday for a month - Done

  7. Stop drinking soda for one month - Done

  8. Bicycle to work - Done

  9. Lose 50 pounds (30/50) and keep them off

  10. Do a triathlon

  11. Drink at least two bottles of water everyday for a month - Done

  12. Finish a bottle of multivitamins - Done

  13. Visit local art galleries 4 times (2/4)

  14. Visit local Museums 4 times (2/4)

  15. Help someone check off something on their bucket list.

  16. Attend one play a year (0/4)

  17. Try five new restaurants a year (0/20).

  18. Make new recipes that we have not had before at least 15 times. - Done

  19. Go camping again. - Done

  20. Go on a multi-day bicycle or motorc trip by myself.

  21. Take a motorcycle camping trip. - Done

  22. Go to three photography exhibits (0/3)

  23. Take and post one photo a day for a month.

  24. Join and ride with a Cycling Club. - Done

  25. Participate in the Tour De Cure 3 times. - Done

  26. Do Tackle the Tower again & hopefully beat my previous time.

  27. Donate blood

  28. Avoid the Internet a weekend a month for 12 months. (0/12)

  29. Go on a Jet-ski

  30. Identify 101 things that make me happy by writing it on “Happy Thursdays”.

  31. Write a blog entry everyday during the work week for one month. - Done

  32. Buy a motorcycle. - Done

  33. Ride a Motorcycle again. - Done

  34. Hold a live snake. I am deathly afraid of snakes!!!!! - Done 01/31/2013

  35. Do a Zip line with my wife.. (again very scared of this).

  36. Do 50 push-ups in a row.

  37. Do 20 unassisted pull-ups in a row.

  38. Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle - Done

  39. Complete the 90 days of P90X - Done

  40. Run a 'Run or Dye' event

  41. Go canoeing or kayaking

  42. Go skinny dipping.

  43. Go to a Drive-In movie theater.

  44. Go indoor rock climbing

  45. Slow dance in the rain.

  46. Go paint balling

  47. Shoot a gun.

  48. Do a Polar Bear Plunge.

  49. See the Grand Canyon

  50. Go white water rafting.

  51. Go mountain biking on trails not bike paths.

  52. Learn to forgive. - Done

  53. Make a movie from start to finish.

  54. Ride my tandem bicycle again - who is interested in riding with me?

  55. See The Wizardry World of Harry Potter - Done

  56. Sleep in a hammock.

  57. Sleep under the stars.

  58. Go cross country skiing.

  59. Run/Walk half marathon.

  60. Ride 1000 miles in a day on my motorcycle and send in the requirements for an iron-butt certificate.

  61. Do the "Tail of the Dragon" on my motorcycle - Done

Any other suggestions?