My Dad loved to pitch horseshoes. I inherited his horseshoes. They have not be used in many many years. I cleaned them up this week. I am excited to play at the Zabarsky family reunion like my dad did so many times. I hope I can throw them as well as he could.

Giving up on iPhone

I truly believe my iPhone is trying to kill me. Today I was supposed to walk for five minutes then switch off jogging for sixty seconds and walking for ninety. So I start my 5K run app. The first five minutes seemed ok but then it was having me jog for two minutes and twenty seconds. Walk for ten seconds and repeat. I don't care it was telling me sixty seconds and then ninety. Maybe an android app would be better. Maybe this was just my perception. No my phone is trying to kill me.


School Pictures

School days.. School days.... Here are some of my school pictures. It is apparent that after I chipped my tooth in 3rd or 4th grade I stopped showing my teeth when smiling. I didn't realize it until recently and these pictures definitely show it.

New ViewSonic Monitor

I am loving my new monitor,  it is a ViewSonic VX2770SMH-LED 27-Inch. It is the same as I was using at Cleveland Clinic. I got a great price from Amazon along with using a gift card that I received recently. You can see just how big the screen is compared to my 13 inch MacBook Air.