Old Pictures and Going Paperless

How many of us have shoe boxes of old photos laying around the house that you want digitized? The photos are also scattered in drawers, in a closets and who else knows. Well, that is our situation. There are a couple solutions. Do nothing and don't think about it, send them to a company and they can scan them or scan them yourself. So you buy a flatbed scanner and put them in one by one. Yea, no thanks. Here is the solution a Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500. It does two sided scans at 25 pages a minute. It will do stacks and stacks of photos, as they are scanned you just put more on top of the feeder. Yesterday I scanned in around 1,400 photos.  You can save your scans as a pdf or a jpg file. I wanted to get rid of all of the paper clutter from monthly bills. In the past years I have kept my bills in a filing cabinet and then having to purge the old bills by sitting in front of a shredder for hours. Not any more I scan my bills in as a pdf to a folder. It names it with the current time and date. So great now I have to rename the file and move it to a folder. Again, no thanks. I have a program for the mac it is called Hazel and it will do this and so many more things. It will ocr the pdf file and then figure out what bill it is and rename the file accordingly.  It will then move the file to a folder called Statements and make a sub folder for that day. Hazel is amazing because not only will it do all of the built in options but it will also run any Automator script that you write. Below are some examples of the photos I scanned.


Two more days at Cleveland Clinic....

It seems like forever since I had worked for Plastech Engineering, when in reality it has been less than 6 years. I am so lucky to work with what I consider great people here at Cleveland Clinic . When I came to Cleveland Clinic I did not know anything about health care. I was lost with all the acronyms. Everyone was really nice and was patient with me as I learned the difference of a COB, DRG, Procedure codes and etc.. My co-workers at Cleveland Clinic has helped me through the tough times of my parents passing away. My Dad in October of 2009 and my Mom in October of 2013. Market and Network Services were very supportive when I need time off to spend time at the hospital with them before they passed away. If I didn’t care about the people at Cleveland Clinic, that I have worked with this would be so easy to leave. I have had the opportunity to learn so much at Cleveland Clinic and to work on great projects that made each day a rewarding experience. Each day was like getting a new puzzle that needed to be put together. I am not sure how I end up with having another great manager, but I did. Thank you Shaheen for always being there for me as a manger and a friend. You made me want to strive for the best because that is what you instill in people. I wish the team that I worked with all the best in the future and that you get the spotlight that you deserve. It is tough just writing this because I am tearing up already..

Not where I want to be...

So when I look at my my progress of getting to the weight I want to be, I am not there yet. I was feeling bad that I gained some weight in the past few months. I have not gained any weight for a month so that trend has stopped.  I have been scanning old photos and came across a couple of pictures that shows me where I started. I am so far away from that weight that I cannot believe that I once was that heavy. These pictures were when I was right around 305lbs in 1997 and 280 pounds in 2000, currently I am at 227lbs. I want to get down to 190lbs. So as long as I keep moving towards my goal life is good.


Out with 2013 and in with 2014

2013  was a tough year with the passing away of an Aunt and Uncle, my Father-in-law and my mother. I have gained 20 pounds since August because I stopped working out. Things that were good in 2013 was that I lost 45 pounds because of just a simple phone call. A friend called me asking me to get into shape. So I did Beachbody's P90, P90X and Focus T25. I started to eat healthy buy embracing a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle. I very rarely miss meat, cheese on the other hand is a lot harder. So now for 2014.. I am still eating Whole Foods Plant based but it is not easy.. It is easy when I am at home or work but other than that it is not easy. Now that my parents house is sold it is going to be so strange not going to the house that I grew up in on Saturdays.  Starting Monday January 6th I am starting a new Beachbody workout called P90X3. It is 30 minutes a day.  Starting January 27th I will no longer be with the Cleveland Clinic and working at a new job. I learned a lot at Cleveland Clinic and would not be getting a new job without the experience that I had there. I will be joining a cycling club this year to get my butt back on my bicycles.  My goals for 2014 is to lose the weight that I gained plus another 15 pounds. That means that I will be at 190 at the end of the year. I will get in 1000 miles on my bicycles. I will ride a century ride that is a bicycle ride of 100 miles.

Apple Keynote on September 10th, 2013

I have my money in hand waiting to throw it at Apple to buy the iPhone 5s. I feel like I have been missing all the fun for the past year when all these people I know have the iPhone 5.  There are a lot of rumors about larger storage, 4K video an additional color for the 5S again money is in my hand.  I have been running IOS 7 beta for the last few months. It is really cool and I think that most people will like the updates.  

Here are my top 3 features:

1. Control Center

2. Apps automatically updating. 

3.  Notification Center is great. I like how it tells me how long it will get to my next appointment, work or home automatically.  





Back up, File Encryption, Remote Control and Virus Protection.

So your child is off to college, great. They have their laptop and are ready to go. Did you think about how their computer is being backed up? I mentioned this a couple weeks ago but and I am sure you immediately went and started to back up their computer to your network at home. Now their laptop is not in your house so how is it being backed up?  Did you sign up for a service like Carbonite?  Did you think about encrypting their hard drive to protect their data? If you are using a mac you can use file vault to do full disk encryption. If they have an external hard drive is that encrypted? You can also use a program called Truecrypt that can encrypt an entire external hard drive , flash drive or a portion of their eternal drive. Shall I even mention antivirus for Windows? You know they are going to be sharing files and clicking on links.  Make sure they are updating their computer with the latest patches.  The last thing to think about is being able to remote into their computer when they need help from any of the above problems.  You can use a program such as Logmein. It is cross platform so if you are on a mac you can remote control a windows pc or the other way around.