Yellow Cars..

I have been very busy with Adventure Princess stuff and work.. I have not worked other then walking a couple weeks.. I have been wanting to write this post for several weeks now.. We started a game with Morgan called "Yellow Cars". Here is the object. You see a yellow car ( motorcycle, bicycle, or bus, truck) and call it first you get a point. Then it started to include slug bug (punch buggies as my wife calls them) they are the volkswagon bug. Then one of my neices started calling "PT Cruiser your a looser".
Here are the original rules.

  1. you must be in the car to call any of them.

  2. you get one point per item. So if you see a yellow slug bug you get 2 points.

  3. If someone is on the phone all play stops.

Here are the added rules by one of my sisters and her family. I personally do not follow these rules but feel free to follow whatever rules you want.

If the car is a home, meaning it is parked there all the time you cannot call it..

If you see 4 cars of the same color in a row you can call it and get 4 points.

If you see a "party plate" (drunk driver plates) before anyone else they loose all lose one point.

If you call the wrong thing you loose all your points. You can go into negative numbers.

Thankful Thursday - Helping Hands..

I am not the type of person that asks for help in my personal life if I have any other choice.. Sometimes everyone needs a helping hand. No, I am not asking for money in case you are thinking of hiding. I am so lucky that I have people in my life that I can count on to help when needed..I am talking about everything to watching Morgan when we really need it or just being able to talk to someone when I need it. Maybe that would be helping ears but it just doesn't have the same ring.. I really do appreciate it..

Thankful Thursday - Adenture Princess Program

The Adventure Princess program is for girls from first grade to fourth along with their dad (or other male adult).

Morgan and I have done so many things with this program. It is a great way to spend time with each other.

I have a meeting to night with the Adventure Princess dads and officers tonight. The other meeting that I hove to attend is just for Officers. Yes I am an officer. I am the assistant editor fir our monthly newsletter. It is usually about 32 pages.

Thankful Thursday - Family Reunion

We are having our 26th Zabarsky family reunion this weekend.. It is nice that this tradition going on for so long..It is at a different person's house each year. It is also a shame that some of us live so close but do not see each other except once a year..

Additional note...

It was mentioned at the renunion that they (my Aunts & Uncles and my parents) will be passing the torch to the next generation. I think that is a great idea and that hopefully more of my cousins and their families will be able to make it..

2008 Adventure Princess Boat Race

We got our boat kit about 2.5 months ago. It consisted of a main base, 2 out riggers, 6 Popsicle sticks, a sail and a mast. The final piece of the boat was a special piece that shows that you bought the boat this year, and that was a purple star. So Morgan and I waited to the last minute to put it together. I asked her how she wanted to decorate her boat. She stated a Christmas tree (Christmas in July). So she drew on the sail a Christmas tree, holly and presents. We went to a local craft store and found items to put on there. We found a small plate of cookies with a note to Santa. We also found small ornaments and presents to put on the sail. So Morgan won 3rd place in best decorating of our territory.

They have a Trail boss race at the end and the boats can be powered. Here is the picture of the winning race. Notice the boat on fire.